Festival Events

AfroBrazilFest 2011 is a week-long event from June 6 -12 in Washington, DC. The events below are subject to change at any time.

Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Heritage Workshops — Saturday, June 11

Event Time: Saturday, June 11 - 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Venue: The Capoeira Spot

Event Price: Introductory workshops are FREE


10:00-11:00  Intro Kids Capoeira Workshop  (FREE)

11:00-12:00  Intermediate/Advanced Youth Capoeira Workshop  ($5)

12:15-1:15  Intro Adult Capoeira Workshop  (FREE)

1:30-3:00  Samba/Afro-Brazilian Dance and Percussion Workshop  ($10) 

3:15-4:15  Intermediate/Advanced Capoeira and Maculele Workshop for Capoeiristas  ($10)

4:15-5:30  Capoeira Roda  ($10) 


All workshops are taught by Mestre Tonho Materia and Mestre Amen.